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Were the Germans Deservedly Referred to as 'Huns?'

In a recent article, Britain's The Telegraph examines how the Germans became known as brutal "Huns" to the Allies of World War I. Was it a label they deserved or merely excellent propaganda? Have a look and decide for yourself!

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Documentary Preview- Blood Red: The Life and Death of Manfred von Richthofen

Today, historians and aviation buffs still celebrate the Red Baron as the ideal fighter pilot. A daring knight of the sky who helped write the book on aerial combat during the world's first air war. For the man behind the myth, however, the real story is a tale of disillusionment... Learn more about Young Indy Documentaries.

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The Great War's Centenary Begins

June 28 marks the 100th anniversary of the Assassination of Franz Ferdinand, the event that set World War I into motion. Join us over the next four years as we commemorate the Centennial of the Great War! Throughout the four year Centennial we will be highlighting the numerous battles of WWI as well as interesting facts from all fronts of the war.

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Imperial War Museum's 'Lives of the First World War'

To mark the First World War Centenary, IWM is creating Lives of the First World War. This innovative, interactive platform will inspire people across the world to explore, research and share the life stories of those who served in uniform and worked on the home front. By the end of the centenary this will build into a permanent digital memorial, saving their stories for future generations.

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History Channel's The World Wars

In honor of Memorial Day and the upcoming Centennial of World War I, the History Channel presents The World Wars. In this exciting docudrama, we examine the lives of five individuals who were shaped during World War I and reshaped our world during World War II. The three night event highlights the lives of Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill, Josef Stalin, Franklin Roosevelt, and George Patton.

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Historian Sir Hew Strachan Discusses the Impact of the Great War

Sir Hew Strachan, editor of The Oxford Illustrated History of the First World War and author of numerous books on the Great War, recently shared his thoughts on the lasting impact of World War I. His comments are available below and on The Oxford University Press Blog.

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MI5 to Release Files on Mata Hari and Other WWI Spies

As we approach the Centennial of World War I, news outlets and organizations around the world are discussing the events and tragedies of the Great War more than ever. Tanks and planes are being restored and files that were once stamped "TOP SECRET" are being dusted off and brought into public view. Maybe we'll learn of Hari's secret rendezvous with a young Belgian Officer.

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Update Archive
Remembering World War I

Join us as we commemorate the Centennial of the Great War! Throughout the four year Centennial we will be highlighting the numerous battles and fronts where Young Indy saw action.

Wondering where Indiana Jones fits in with World War I? Check out our Young Indiana Jones: Volume II section to learn more about Indy's many roles in the Great War!

WWI Battle of the Month

Prior to the start of World War I, Russia boasted one of the largest militaries in the world. In 1914, their army consisted of nearly six million conscripts, all of whom were victims of the growing sense of militarism and paranoia sweeping Europe in the years before the war. Despite the tactical advantage of size, the Russian Imperial Army was poorly trained and ill- equipped for a modern war. Still, the Germans feared nothing more than a war with Russia and its seemingly inexhaustible supply of men.

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WWI Fact of the Week
End of an Era

Many of the major dynasties that had ruled over Europe and Asia for hundreds of years were swept away because of the Great War. These include: the Romanovs in Russia, the Hohenzollerns of Germany/Prussia, the Habsburgs of Austria, and the Ottoman sultanate. The antiquated monarchies were replaced with new governments, many of which were democracies destined to fail and set the stage for future conflict.

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