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Indiana Jones named greatest movie character of all time as he whips past James Bond

Indiana Jones has been voted the Greatest Movie Character of All Time by thousands of film fans. Professor Jones, known as ‘Indy’, was played by actor Harrison Ford in four high-octane adventure movies from 1981 until 2008 and was the creation of legendary film director George Lucas and script-writer and producer Lawrence Kasdan.

Is Indiana Jones 5 Coming in 2018?

When Disney bought Lucasfilm, they purchased not only Star Wars but the whole lot, including Willow, Radioland Murders and that little franchise known as Indiana Jones. As the 72-year-old Harrison Ford looks less and less likely to step back into his most iconic role, rumors have swirled that Chris Pratt might become the first actor to re-interpret the lead role in features, and now AintItCool is reporting scuttlebutt they’ve heard about Lucasfilm pencilling in a release window for Indiana Jones 5 in the fourth quarter of 2018.

After Jurassic World, can you believe Chris Pratt as Indiana Jones?

A dynamic young actor gets hired for a sitcom. The sitcom is popular in a mid-ratings niche-y way—but it quickly becomes a showcase for the young actor’s unique talents. The big screen beckons: Supporting roles, and then an attention-grabbing lead performance in a wacky adventure movie. Suddenly, the miracle: Steven Spielberg notices the actor. The reigning blockbuster demi-god likes what he sees. And Spielberg’s producing a big-budget movie, with special effects and a built-in fanbase and a summer release date: He makes sure the actor gets the lead.