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Robert Pattinson Not Starring in Indiana Jones Reboot: 5 Other Actors Who'd Be Perfect for the Part!

Robert Pattison as Indiana Jones just seemed too good to be true... So when one tabloid reported that R.Pattz was the top pick to replace Harrison Ford in a Disney reboot of the iconic franchise, E! News did some digging. Unfortunately, though, sources tell us there's there's no truth to the rumors. Womp womp.

Car used in Indiana Jones hits the auction block

The Indiana Jones film franchise has plenty of fans, and the third installment, 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,' may be the best of the bunch.

Wait, Indiana Jones Killed How Many People?

Anyone who loves the Indiana Jones movies (and I'm guessing the three people out there who don't probably aren't reading this) knows that hanging around Indy isn't a particularly safe thing to do. If it isn't snakes (why did it have to be snakes?), Nazis, giant boulders and tanks, there's probably someone trying to rip your heart out.