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Indiana Jones 5 Rumors Revealed- Will Harrison Ford Return?

Okay, Indy fans, here's what we know: as of now, since LucasFilm has been bought out by Disney, it is safe to assume that they own the iconic adventurer as well that was made famous by Harrison Ford with the original Raiders of the Lost Ark and the sequels. But, it was a long and hard fight, as Paramount Pictures still owned the franchise and was not quite willing to part with it so quickly. But, after reaching a mutual agreement, Disney now also owns the rights to Indy and will be paying a slice to Paramount for the use of the character as well as the rights to everything else. Yet another studio selling out, and Disney has their hands on yet another iconic franchise!

“Indiana Jones would be considered a looter”: Why we’re obsessed with glamorizing archaeologists

Several years ago, while researching a story on biblical archaeology, I had the chance to talk to a leader in the field by telephone. At one point, he kindly provided me with a lengthy explanation of pottery seriation, the means by which archaeologists track the history of a particular site. Styles of pottery change over time and vary from culture to culture, so if an archaeologist excavating a heap of broken shards encounters a layer of pieces radically different from the one below it, it’s likely a sign that a new population had moved in. “I’m sorry,” the archaeologist laughed when he finished. “It’s pretty boring.”

What to Binge This Weekend: 'The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles'

You think this weekend will be different. But 48 hours later and there you are, slack jawed and bleary-eyed, chugging through your DVR backlog of Last Man Standing. It doesn't have to be like this. We're not telling you to get lives (because who are we to judge). We're just telling you to binge-watch better TV shows.