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Russell Crowe Takes a New Look at an Old Battle

The battle of Gallipoli, which began 100 years ago, epitomized the senseless carnage of World War I. British commanders conceived the campaign as a lightning strike against the Ottoman Empire, but the fighting dragged on for nine months and left 433,000 soldiers dead or wounded, including more than 28,000 Australian troops among the Allied forces.

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Documentary Preview - Into the Furnace: The Battle of Verdun

They called Verdun the Meat Grinder. The Furnace. Hell. When the fighting died down, almost a year after it began, French and German armies were back where they started -- minus close to one million men. The Battle of Verdun came to symbolize the senseless slaughter of the First World War... Learn more about Young Indy Documentaries.

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Do Countries Still Owe War Reparations?

In a recent article, MSNBC reports that several countries still owe reparations for the two world wars. Things came to a head in early March when Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tspiras, stated that Germany had "never properly paid reparations for the damage done."

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The UK Finishes Paying for the Great War

The UK Treasury recently redeemed its outstanding loan for World War I debts. It is estimated that the UK paid over $5 billion in interest for the nearly $3 billion it borrowed in 1917.

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WWI Officer's Trunk Found at School

The trunk of British Signal Officer, Lt. Hands was recently found tucked away in a school's storage closet. The preserved trunk is a time capsule into the daily life of Lt. Hand's time on the front. The trunk contained his uniform, trench maps, and newspaper clippings.

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Documentary Preview - Karl: The Last Habsburg Emperor

Karl, the last Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary, was labeled a traitor and failure during his lifetime. His own people exiled him. Still, there has been recognition that perhaps Karl's short reign should be remembered for his unsuccessful yet sincere attempts to transform his empire and bring an end to World War I. ... Learn more about Young Indy Documentaries.

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How France has forgotten the Christmas truce soldiers

Memories of World War One can be seen everywhere in the quiet part of the Artois region in northern France where I was born. The war left a trail of cemeteries with well-tended lawns in the midst of fields. Crops now grow around the edges of these spaces where 20-year-old kids from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Great Britain and other countries lie.

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Remembering World War I

Join us as we commemorate the Centennial of the Great War! Throughout the four year Centennial we will be highlighting the numerous battles and fronts where Young Indy saw action.

Wondering where Indiana Jones fits in with World War I? Check out our Young Indiana Jones: Volume II section to learn more about Indy's many roles in the Great War!

WWI Battle of the Month

Memories and discussions of World War I often take us to the Western Front of Europe where the fighting was brutal and revolutionary. Arguably, the best lessons and discussions come from the Western Front where millions of men lost their lives fighting for four long years over a few hundred miles of territory. In the tragedy that is World War I, it is easy to overlook that the war spread to other continents like Africa, remembered today as the “forgotten front.”

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WWI Fact of the Week
Sinking the Lusitania

The sinking of the RMS Lusitania proved to be a costly mistake for Germany. Although a British civilian ship, the liner was carrying over 128 Americans who died when the ship was sunk by Germany's U-20. The death toll of nearly 1200 civilians appalled the Allies, prompting Germany to quickly agree to the Sussex Pledge. However, their desperation to continue attacking neutral and civilian ships crossing the Atlantic would eventually lead to the Zimmerman Telegram that would push America to join the Allies.

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