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Documentary Preview: Chasing the Phantom - Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck

The war in East Africa was far different from the hell of the Western Front. The stories that emerged there had a human dimension, where individuals could actually put their imprint on this war. One of the most memorable and notable legends to emerge was German Colonel Paul von Lettow- Vorbeck... Learn more about Young Indy Documentaries.

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10 Surprising Laws Passed During The First World War

The outbreak of war in 1914 brought many new rules and regulations to Britain. The most important of these was the Defence of the Realm Act (DORA), passed on 8 August 1914 ‘for securing public safety’. DORA gave the government the power to prosecute anybody whose actions were deemed to ‘jeopardise the success of the operations of His Majesty’s forces or to assist the enemy’. This gave the act a very wide interpretation.

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World War I Interactive Timeline

From the Archduke's assassination to the Paris Peace Conference, learn about all of the major events surrounding the Great War! Learn more at the National World War I Museum.

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Russell Crowe Takes a New Look at an Old Battle

The battle of Gallipoli, which began 100 years ago, epitomized the senseless carnage of World War I. British commanders conceived the campaign as a lightning strike against the Ottoman Empire, but the fighting dragged on for nine months and left 433,000 soldiers dead or wounded, including more than 28,000 Australian troops among the Allied forces.

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First WWI gas attack produced new horrors, changed warfare

As a spring breeze wafted into his trench, commander Georges Lamour of the French 73rd infantry saw something almost surreal drift his way. A yellow- green cloud. He barely had time to react. "All my trenches are choked," Lamour cried into the field telephone to headquarters. "I am falling myself!" These were the last words heard from Lamour. World War I, and warfare itself, were never the same.

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Documentary Preview - Into the Furnace: The Battle of Verdun

They called Verdun the Meat Grinder. The Furnace. Hell. When the fighting died down, almost a year after it began, French and German armies were back where they started -- minus close to one million men. The Battle of Verdun came to symbolize the senseless slaughter of the First World War... Learn more about Young Indy Documentaries.

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Do Countries Still Owe War Reparations?

In a recent article, MSNBC reports that several countries still owe reparations for the two world wars. Things came to a head in early March when Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tspiras, stated that Germany had "never properly paid reparations for the damage done."

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Remembering World War I

Join us as we commemorate the Centennial of the Great War! Throughout the four year Centennial we will be highlighting the numerous battles and fronts where Young Indy saw action.

Wondering where Indiana Jones fits in with World War I? Check out our Young Indiana Jones: Volume II section to learn more about Indy's many roles in the Great War!

WWI Battle of the Month

Memories and discussions of World War I often take us to the Western Front of Europe where the fighting was brutal and revolutionary. Arguably, the best lessons and discussions come from the Western Front where millions of men lost their lives fighting for four long years over a few hundred miles of territory. In the tragedy that is World War I, it is easy to overlook that the war spread to other continents like Africa, remembered today as the “forgotten front.”

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