Learning Happens Here

Our work with the National Trust's "This Place Matters" campaign inspired us to try something similar. If you'd like, print off the sign below, write the country where you reside on the line provided, then take your picture while holding it somewhere that's important to you or representative of where you live. If you're camera shy, find some way to prop it up. Get creative! It could even be included amongst your Indy collection! Afterwards, send it to either Thomas or Wes. Let's see how many people and locations around the world we can place on the map. When you send the picture, please write a few words about your picture or why you believe education is important. Thanks!

"Learning Happens Here" Poster
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Photos From Where Learning is Happening!

Laird Malamed in Antarctica

At Blue Creek, Belize!

Paul Townshend at
San Diego Comic-Con 2012

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