Site Tutorials Now Available Thanks to CamStudio


If you've ever checked out and really spent some time here, you'll know that our site is rather extensive, especially in the Young Indy section. We realize that our content can be overwhelming so we've created a series of video tutorials that highlight the main features of our website. We're not trying to insult your abilities to navigate a website, but we want to make sure that visitors are using our site to its full potential. Click here to check out these tutorials.

The tutorials mentioned above were created using CamStudio, a free program that allows one to record what they see on their monitor. Please know that the quality seen in our tutorials is not how your CamStudio recordings will appear. Because we placed our tutorials on the web the videos had to be compressed, resulting in the grainy appearance you see. CamStudio can be an effective way to guide students through complicated assignments or for out of class communication. To download CamStudio click here.