Career Day Has Arrived!


We are excited to announce the newest addition to Adventures in Learning with Indiana Jones, Career Day!

Remember when your teacher invited people from the community to come to class to speak about their job, hoping to inspire you to maybe become like them? Our school called it Career Day, and if you were lucky, you got to meet someone in a really cool profession. If you weren't, well, it could be a really long and boring day.

Realizing that the premise of Career Day is actually to provide insight into the preparations for and inner workings of a profession that interests you, we decided to spotlight individuals whose careers we believe are pretty darn nifty.

Be sure to check out our first Career Day interview with Steve Thomas, a talented graphic artist who specializes in early 20th century advertising art and pulp & retro-futuristic illustration styles from the mid-20th century.

Stay tuned for more interesting and exciting interviews!