Indiana Jones Fans Unite for Global Screening Party


Dust off your Fedora and grab your whip for the celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Join Indy fans worldwide for a Global Screening of the film that started the adventure! Watch Raiders anytime on Sunday, June 12th and let us know how you celebrated. Throw an Indy-themed party complete with chilled monkey brains, snake surprise, "bad" dates, and homemade French wine. We want pictures and stories! Don't forget to tell us what Indiana Jones means to you! Share them with us and other Indy fans on our Facebook and Twitter pages or e-mail them to either Thomas or Wes. Mark your calendar and let the adventure begin!

We've also created a series of event posters you can print and use in the photos you post or send in. Be sure to write in your location!

Raiders Anniversary Event Poster 1

Raiders Anniversary Event Poster 2

Raiders Anniversary Event Poster 3