Young Indy - Celebrating 20 Years!


On March 4, 1992, George Lucas introduced the world to an Indiana Jones that we never knew; a wide-eyed boy and idealistic young man who experienced first-hand the tumultuous years of the early twentieth century. His early adventures would shape the person that he would become. With each episode of "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles," we were able to witness history, real history, unfold before Indy's eyes. Whether he was exploring the musty tombs of the Valley of the Kings, struggling in the blood- and mud-soaked trenches of the Western Front, or reveling in the jazz of Chicago's speakeasies, young Indiana Jones always found a way to make his mark. And each week, we were there with him, meeting some of the most influential figures of his time and learning how their actions continue to impact us today. Beginning tomorrow, we will take a look back at this critically-acclaimed and groundbreaking series. We hope you'll join us as we revisit the amazing adventures that made the man, and the man who became a world-wide legend.