Our New Look


If you’re a regular visitor to Indyintheclassroom.com, you’ll notice that our website has been redesigned. After much planning and time, we have put together what we hope will be a more functional layout. One of our new features includes a more streamlined home page, complete with a sliding news banner that showcases our top stories. We’ve also tweaked our Young Indiana Jones section to make it less scattered by adding tabs to help you find your way around this vast section.

Due to the nature of redesigning a website, you may find errors or funky page loads. If these occur, simply refresh your browser and see if the error goes away. If you find the error is persistent, please contact Wes at wdodgens@indyintheclassroom.com to let him know of your discovery and he will repair it ASAP.

Please note that older browsers (specifically Internet Explorer 8 or older) may not display the new design properly. We encourage these users to upgrade their browser to IE9 or try contemporary browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new site design!