The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones:
Documentary Credits

Below are the names of the talented people at JAK Films who created the excellent documentaries that accompany the Adventures of Young Indiana Jones.

Executive Producers

George Lucas
Rick McCallum

Series Producer

David Schneider


David O’Dell
Mark Page
Karena O’Riordan
Adam Sternberg
Sharon Wood

Associate Producers

Betsy Bayha
Lisa Clark
Jennifer Huang
Jennifer Petrucelli
Kristin Pichaske
Grace Raso
Todd Wagner
Michael Welt

Production Associates

Kat Bachert
Loren Micalizio
Erin Palmquist
Lila Wetherwax
Summer Wilson


Stephanie Challberg
Joe De Francesco
Andrew Gersh
Greg Sirota
Marta Wohl

Production Coordinator

Diane Ettelson

Online Editor

Jim McSilver

Assistant Editor

Jen Speed

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