Five Reasons Why Educators Should Use Young Indy

Each Volume of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones is packed with resources that are perfect for classroom integration! Below are five reasons why you should use the series in your classroom!

Special thanks to George Lucas, Rick McCallum, & David Schneider for the great work they have done in making this series and the documentaries!

Reason 1: The Episodes

Each volume of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones includes 7-8 feature length Emmy©-award winning movies that take a younger Indiana Jones all over the world to participate in major events of the early 20th Century. Events include: key World War I moments, the Harlem Renaissance, Prohibition, Women's Suffrage, and much more! Each movie is packed with all the action, excitement, and comedy that you would expect from Indiana Jones.

In addition to participating in major world events, Indy also interacts with some of the most well known people of the time period. Examples include: Thomas Edison, T.E. Lawrence, the Red Baron, Pancho Villa, Al Capone, and many more!

Reason 2: The Documentaries

Each episode of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones comes with accompanying documentaries ranging in lengths of 20-30 minutes, perfect for classroom use. Emmy©-award winning filmmaker David Schneider and his team at JAK Films spent nearly five years creating 94 documentaries to compliment the series. The documentaries are great ways to introduce, summarize, or go more in-depth with topics and people covered in each episode. Learn more and see exclusive documentary previews in our Documentaries section.

Documentary preview for Unhealed Wounds: The Life of Ernest Hemingway. This documentary accompanies the Young Indy Chapter Tales of Innocence found in Volume 3 of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones.

Reason 3: The Interactive Timeline

The bonus disc that comes with each volume contains an Interactive Timeline that allows viewers to choose a year between 1899 & 1925. Each selected year shows major events that occured in the world. Many of the events featured in each year are "clickable" and reveal more information about the event or person, plus resources (see Reason 4 for an example).

Reason 4: The Additional Information & Resources

From the Interactive Timeline or Indy's Journal (see Reason 5) one may choose a topic, person, or event and be taken to a resource page where there is a preview of the accompanying documentary. Each resource page features descriptions, pictures and audio, website links, a list of relevant films and book resources, and other relevant documentaries in the series.

Reason 5: Indy's Journal

Indy's Journal is a great resource for educators to review the events of each Chapter and have quick links to the available resources and documentaries. The journal comes with the bonus disc in each volume.

Extra Credit:

Lecture Series with Professor Brands

Another bonus is the three part lecture series with University of Texas history professor and author H.W. Brands. These lectures are a great addition for educators who need a concise overview of the time period and major topics/events featured in a particular volume. Professor Brands lectures could be shown to a class, but are better served as an overview for the educator. The format of these lectures combines Professor Brands recorded lecture with historical images and video.

The Three Parts include:

Volume 1: The Promise of Progress
Volume 2: War and Revolution
Volume 3: New Gods for Old

Interactive Video Games

Each bonus disc comes with an interactive video game that allows the player (as Young Indy) to act out a specific adventure from the series. Indy must first choose what to bring on his adventure and then make important decisions along the way... in the style of The Oregon Trail. As they journey, players also learn about their surroundings, the people they meet, and the important events in which they are participating. These games are rightly suited for elementary to middle school level and include video clips from each corresponding film.

The Three Games include:

Volume 1: Revolution- Indy helps Pancho Villa in Mexico (Spring Break Adventure).

Volume 2: Special Delivery- Indy treks through the Congo to retrieve weapons (Oganga: The Giver and Taker of Life).

Volume 3: Hunting for Treasure- Indy and Remy hunt for the Treasure of the Peacock's Eye.

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