The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones:
Volume One
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Chapters 1-5 take a nine year old Indy on a tour of the world with his parents and tutor, Miss Seymour. Join Indy as he explores ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, Africa, China, and Benares, India. Beginning with Chapter 6, sixteen year old Indy heads to New Mexico where he becomes involved in the Mexican Revolution and then travels to England to join the fighting in World War I.

Volume One: The Early Years

Chapter # Title Location & Year

Chapter 1

My First Adventure Egypt/North Africa

Chapter 2

Passion for Life British East Africa & Paris

Chapter 3

The Perils of Cupid Vienna & Florence

Chapter 4

Travels with Father Russia & Greece

Chapter 5

Journey of Radiance Benares & Peking

Chapter 6

Spring Break Adventure Princeton & Mexico

Chapter 7

Love's Sweet Song Dublin & London
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