The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones:
Volume Three
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Volume three sees Indy through the final months of World War I where he continues his work as a spy. After witnessing the failure of the Versailles Treaty, Indy heads home to America where new adventures await him in scandalous New York City, jazzed Chicago, and hilarious Hollywood.

Volume Three: The Years of Change

Chapter # Title Location & Year

Chapter 16

Tales of Innocence Northern Italy

Chapter 17

Masks of EvilIstanbul & Transylvania

Chapter 18

Treasure of the Peacock's EyeLondon, Alexandria, & South Seas (China)

Chapter 19

The Winds of Change Paris

Chapter 20

The Mystery of the BluesChicago

Chapter 21

The Scandal of 1920New York City

Chapter 22

The Hollywood FolliesHollywood
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