The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones:
Volume Two
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Volume two takes Indy through World War I, where he experiences the horrors of war in Verdun, the Somme, Africa, the Middle East, and revolutionary Russia. Indy's war service thrusts him into the trenches, behind enemy lines as a spy, a POW camp, and high into the skies where he battles the infamous Red Baron.

Volume Two: The War Years

Chapter # Title Location & Year

Chapter 8

Trenches of Hell
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The Somme & Germany

Chapter 9

Demons of Deception Verdun & Paris

Chapter 10

Phantom Train of DoomGerman East Africa

Chapter 11

Oganga: The Giver and Taker of LifeBelgian Congo

Chapter 12

Attack of the Hawkmen France & Austria

Chapter 13

Adventures in the Secret Service Austria & Petrograd

Chapter 14

Espionage Escapades Barcelona & Prague

Chapter 15

Daredevils of the Desert Palestine
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